ADS Audience Measurement and Analytics

The proprietary turnkey solutions of Advanced Digital Solutions ADS AUDIENCE AND TRAFFIC MEASUREMENT delivers advertisers, media agencies, retail companies and marketers valuable real-time insights about audience and traffic data directly from their customer's point of interest, e.g. shelf, screen, kiosk, display, store window, poster or POS installation.

These anonymous metrics include but are not limited to number of viewers, attention, dwell time, distance to the point of interest and demographics (gender, age group, mood) and can be correlated with playlogs to provide meaningful insights by media.

Using ADS TRAFFIC AND AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT over time, our clients learn important trends in different segments such as time, locations, and demographics at their point of interest that allows them to provide personalized content according to the audience's profile aimed at increasing the Return on Investment (RoI) of digital signage (DOOH) advertising and POS campaigns.
(1) (Anonymous) Data Capture

Viewer related data and additional useful information such as total number of viewers, location performance and advertising effectiveness are effectively visualized through charts that can be downloaded as xlsx files (for MS Excel).

Captured data include:
    ● Dwell time
    ● Attention time
    ● Gender
    ● Age group
    ● Mood
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(2) Real-time Data Visualisation

Real-time data and related charts are provided to continuously monitor how campaigns are perceived by specific target groups. Control your campaign on the go – even from high-end mobile devises such as tablets and smart phones.
(3) Measure Your Campaigns Effectively

All data is easy-to-manage through our backend tool that provides (mobile) access at any time. You can customize your analysis by adjusting target groups, time frames and using filters according to the needs of your campaigns.
(4) Measure Your Success

You will know the number of viewers that have seen your ads, their demographics and related dwell times. Filter changes in your performance using the time frame option (day, week, or day of week, month or year).

If you segment your analysis by day you can view differences in performance on different days of the week and make changes to your campaigns accordingly.

By learning which ads attract attention and which ones don’t, you will quickly understand how to improve your visual communication for your target groups to boost the return on your advertising investment.
(5) Dynamic Adverting (Optional)

In addition, you can connect your Digital Signage solution to create dynamic advertising, e.g. showing the most relevant content according to the viewer's profile.

Advertisers can run experiments and compare the results with other campaigns to report experimental performance changes in terms of increased impressions, dwell time, and improvement in return on investment.

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